10 reasons why I loved Copenhagen

Cool vibes. Seriously. I really felt at home in Copenhagen.

Ordering 2 pints of IPA at 11 am after visiting the first Carlsberg Brewery.

People make you feel at ease. And I felt super safe.

Eating at Copenhagen Street Food; a former paper warehouse transformed by artists into a giant food & design paradise.

Nailing your diet as all the food you’ll find is super healthy.

Having a walk at Freetown Christiana, a self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood, aka Green Light District.

Architecture around the canals is splendid!

Grabbing cheap Danish-designed stuff in the 14 Flying Tiger shops around the city.

Emerging from the crowd of tourist to see The Little Mermaid.

Navigating through the city by bike: they have priority over cars and cycling paths are huge!


Love the atmosphere around the canals



Little Mermaid and her fans



Welcome to the Green Light District


Street art everywhere
Congrats, you are back in the European Union!

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2 thoughts on “10 reasons why I loved Copenhagen”

    1. They are quite helpful and friendly once you break the barrier! And, of course, most of them speak perfect English so that’s very convenient 🙂 I felt really welcomed, and I guess it’s mainly thanks to the local crowd that, even indirectly, wants to make you feel at home in Copenhagen too!


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