3 things you do when you live in Mexico City, guey

1. Saying “guey”, “wey”, “weeeeee” all the time, guey.

ALRIGHT, it’s not really 3 things; actually 33. But, la neta, you would never have read it otherwise! Now that you know, here are 32 other things that you do when you live in Mexico City:

2. Beating a giant SpongeBob piñata, guey.

3. Walking down the streets holding a giant SpongeBob piñata, guey.

4. Holding tight your belongings cause you arrived the day before and you are still afraid cause the media said that “Mexico City is super dangerous”, guey.

5. Realising that there is nothing to be afraid of, guey.

6. Ordering 50 tacos al pastor after la fiesta, guey.

7. Always bringing friends that visit you to the Torre Latinoamericana, guey.

8. Spending most of your time in the “2×1 al pastor” taquería downstairs, guey.

9. Becoming a guacamole ambassador, guey.

10. Feeling super fancy cause, now, y’know, you say “DF”, guey.

11. Being fresa and saying “CDMX”, guey. #CDMX #nomames

12. Ending up in Tacubaya station at 6 pm… and looking for the purpose of life, guey.

13. Finally drinking proper tequila, guey.

14. Discovering la palomita & el mezcalito, weeeeeee.

15. Saying to the world that you can dance salsa after 2 lessons, guey.

16. Buying your Mexican poncho for the winter, guey.

17. Eating the Oxxo pizza when you are broke (and had too many palomitas), guey.

18. Losing sense of reality at the Patrick Miller, guey (it’s really amazing).

19. Being stuck 1h30 in the traffic. Every. Single. Day. Guey. 

20. Becoming bored with pyramids, guey.

20. The pyramids of Teotihuacan; probably the first ones you’ll see around el DF.

21. Going for a Temazcal Ritual on the weekend, guey.

22. Listening to Mariachis on Plaza Garibaldi, guey.

23. Having chilaquiles for breakfast, guey.

24. Trying spicy stuff, guey.

25. Crying cause you had spicy stuff, guey.

25. Not the best idea to have mangoes filled with spicy powder the day you arrive 😅

26. Going for lucha libre and buying too many masks, guey.

27. Cycling and getting a massage on el Paseo de la Reforma on car-free Sundays, guey.

28. Being a “nachos-and-chili-con-carne-are-not-Mexican” ambassador, guey. 

29. Speaking Mexican and not Spanish, tío.

30. Trying to finish el Museo Nacional de Antropología for the 5th time, guey.

31. Getting used to Reggaeton and bragging that you loved Despacito way before it became famous, guey.

32. Missing all of this (mostly tacos al pastor) once you are gone, guey.

33. Bringing giant sombreros on the plane for your friends back home, guey. 

What’s your favourite thing to do in CDMX, guey?

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