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I’ve been raping Facebook and Instagram with pictures from Japan when I was there – but OUI OUI, in case you missed it; I was there for a couple of days. So all my money is gone🖕.

Let’s be honest, Japan is a FOOD PARADISE. You just want to try everything all the time, from the 7/11 unlimited fried stuff to the 5-euro-a-piece sushi (OK LAH BEST SUSHI IN MY LIFE). There are also so many weird but unmissable things worth throwing your yens at such as buying a sexy racoon dog keychain, going to the [input anything you want] café, feeling like Barbie in the photo booth or seeing live JPop (mostly the chaos that comes along).

Obviously, I implemented several strategies to spend less; but at some point, I tried to win a giant Pokeball teddy bear at the arcade centre. Anyways, as I’m a weird guy who drinks 3 ice coffees a day, it’s a bit difficult. BUUUUT…. I did find some smart solutions!

First tip: do NOT eat that 60-euro melon. Second tip: shut down your Hello Kitty fetish for a few days. Last tip: hitchhiking is pretty smooth in Japan! It also allows you to meet some (not a lot) Japanese peeps who treat you like deep shit (very interesting to experience here actually). But don’t get me wrong, Japanese people are AWESOME.

Last words: I will never look at cup noodles the same way again (I already miss you ramen)

DL-san OUT 🙃

Hong Kong (August 16 – January 17)



Kowloon side from the Sky100


🌃   HK’s skyline is truly outstanding; even more at night on a 0,277140€ ferry trip (approved by XE Currency) or on a 32,4km/h elevator trip that brings you on top of the ICC – the tallest building.

👣  But… Hong Kong is much more than this picture. It’s the cheapest MacDonald’s and most expensive coffee in the world, it’s the best social-tech start-up accelerator So In So Good, it’s not-house-but-rooftop parties, it’s random police checks because you are eating a donut, it’s foot massages with happy ending, it’s eating mountains of dim sums on Sunday morning, it’s Club 7/11 & M. Wong’s toxic beers, but most of all, it’s hiking a different trail every weekend.

🐍  Please, please & please, come to Hong Kong and realise that 75% of the country is nature & biodiversity; crazy monkeys, giant cockroaches, wild bamboo snakes, everything you can dream of! Of course, everything is reachable within 1-2h and it’s CHEAP (but it’s still more expensive than a BigMac menu). And then you can board a local Ferrari-bus or Ferrari-ferry (say it 8 times) to go back home.
🍔  But on the way home, your friend Alexandre calls you out for dinner and as it’s pick-randomly-from-the-Chinese-menu Sunday, you end up with fried fish bones. But (fortunately?) there is a MacDonald’s nearby (there is always), so you order a Hokkaido Salmon burger not to starve – and then realise it’s already the 5th time this week!
😘😘  Bye bye Hong Kong & see you next year   (because I forgot to spend my HKD)
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